Everyone’s A Winner

So, guys, here’s a tale that could easily qualify to be made into an episode for one of those reality TV shows that are flooding the cable channels these days. Victoria (22) was dating a guy, let’s call him Dick Two, who dumped her because, he said he “needed his space,”. Then Dick Two started chasing Joe’s girlfriend-let’s call her Cunt Two- until she gave in and fucked him one night, presumably decided that she liked it, and dumped Joe the next morning. Victoria met Joe through a mutual friend, and bang!

How wild is Kelly?

We’ll let her tell the story that paints the best picture. “A few years ago, I went to spend the weekend with my then-boyfriend,” she said. “He was busy working all weekend, so he invited three of his friends over to entertain me. They fucked me all at the same time! I have to admit, it was the best sex I’d ever had.”

Revved And Ready To Go

“I work for a Harley dealer. I don’t own a bike but my boyfriend does. In fact, he’s got three: well, he does own the dealership! He wasn’t too keen on me posing, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it didn’t take me too much to convince him to go along with it.”