Demi And The Young Dude

Here’s Demi La Rue, who’s making her debut by sucking, fucking and getting nailed in her tight 50something ass. And that’s all very good. But here’s something that intrigues the hell out of us.

Demi, who was born on March 28, is 55 years old.

The guy who’s fucking her? The kid? He’s 21 years old.

99% Pure

Kali West talked about her first time in front of the cameras doing the hootchie-kootchie: “I was very nervous. It was all new to me, but then I started getting undressed and started the scene and it was fun.”

Fresh In The Flesh

Rita is a virgin. We don’t know how she’s managed it.
Not only is her flesh untouched by any tattoos or piercings, but her pussy is virgin, too. “I was always unsure of myself. I didn’t know if I was normal looking and I was scared to go all the way. I’d like to lose it but I haven’t found the right person.”

New Tits, New Bras Maybe?

I’ve got new tits! Well, sort of. I recently had a breast cancer maintenance operation about 7 weeks prior to this being filmed and my boob shape and size have altered slightly so I thought I would go through all my lingerie sets, specifically the bras, and see what’s what. Claire xx