Wet Tees, Please

When you’ve got a girl with a chest like Haydee, a camera and nice Florida weather, there’s only one thing to do and it’s not taking pictures of alligators. No, a man’s got to stuff her in a tight T-shirt, go out and soak her chest with a garden hose. Then start snapping that shutter.

Her guy’s last chance

“My boyfriend was taking me for granted,” said Tania. “He was cancelling too many dates with me to go out with his friends, but coming around to my place later and expecting to get laid. I was real near to dumping him but I decided to give him another chance.”

Lunch With Lola

Lola and the guy she’s hanging out with decide to order in. Two big cheesy pizzas should do the job. Her feeder-friend gets off feeding Lola while he’s sliding his personal pepperoni sausage into her hot slice.

Dirty Sexy Fun

“My boyfriend dared me to pose,” said Paula. “He said he would take me to Seattle to go shopping before Christmas if I did. You’d think he’d know by now (we’ve been dating for over a year) that he should never dare me about anything ’cause I’ll always do it.”