Marley Mason

“I work out with my ball every single day,” said Marley, “so it was the obvious thing to use when I decided to pose. The ball gives me a great workout, and, as my boyfriend will tell you, we have sex in some really wild positions when we use it for that.”

No Shame

“There are many foreigners in Prague photographing girls,” says Marille, who made her Voluptuous debut in 2008. Obviously, we were among those foreign boob dogs on the hunt for fresh titties.

Surprise! You’re Stacked!

Sexy Kiko Lee was an army brat, born in Okinawa. She is part Spanish. She lived in different countries in Europe and the U.S. until she eventually settled in Denver. Kiko’s been a topless dancer…hired as soon as the owner saw her bare chest…

Rose Marie

Say hello to Rose Marie, a former nurse from Phoenix, Arizona. For 20 years she was bottled up in a marriage in which her mind loved her husband but her pussy desperately wanted to fuck everything that moved, as long as it had a cock attached.

Michelle Peters

“Once I realized that I was never going to get decent boobs, I started thinking about tattoos,” said Michelle. “I got my first one when I was 16, but it didn’t make a statement. I hit a lot of websites and finally decided to get the pussy tattoo.”


“It’s just coincidence-I swear-that the guy I’m screwing- he took these photos-owns the company that just gave me my biggest office furniture order ever. We didn’t start fooling around till after the order was placed. Oh…by the way…he’s married!”