Merilyn Sakova

Happy Valentine’s Day, Merilyn

Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear Merilyn. She must certainly feel loved and appreciated, knowing that so many men around the world have an intense interest in everything she does. What she wears. What she eats. What she does in the shower. How she sleeps. What she does to amuse herself. What she does to cum.

Dripping Wet Nipples

There aren’t many wet tee-shirt contests in Kiev, Ukraine. There’s the Chernobyl Museum (we don’t recommend it on a first date) and Maryinsky Park and O’Brien’s Irish Pub, for starters. But O’Brien’s has yet to institute wet tee night for whatever reason. So we had to make our own wet tee shirt contest in Merilyn’s shower with Merilyn as the only contestant.

Sexy Nurse

Many have waited a long time to see Merilyn involved in the nursing profession. If there’s anyone who would be the perfect nurse–caring, devoted, warmhearted, sympathetic, chesty–it would be this Ukrainian charmer.