Sara Peters

Flirting and Flings

Sara dresses conservatively for work, but, after hours, the true gal is revealed. “I only wear bras to work,” she said. “The rest of the time, I’m into tight clothes and showing lots of skin. I love leather, vinyl, lace, satin, high, big heels or thigh-high boots. I go for goths or jocks-worlds apart, I know-’cause I love their fashions.”

Seducing The Principal

“I got in trouble on purpose, just so I could get sent to the principal‘s office. It’s always really cold in there, but that’s only part of the reason why my nips get so hard. I think my principal is so cute, in like, this dorky sort of way. I wanted him so bad that I was willing to risk getting suspended just to feel his hands on my little titties.”

Dirty Thoughts

These panties are the ones Sara was wearing when she lost her virginity. Somehow, she managed to get her cherry smear out of them before her mother could notice. But the dirty thoughts in her head are little bit harder to remove. Not that Sarah minds though. She’s been introduced to the wonderful world of dick and she loves the wet feeling it gives her between her legs.