Two For One

“My toys get a helluva workout,” confessed Tracey. “Most nights, I arrive home at some ungodly hour, way too tired to do anything but fall into bed and sleep. But it’s a different thing when I wake up. I almost always wake up horny, so I get my toys and lube out and pleasure myself for a while.”

This Bunny’s Not Shy

“I’m always looking for exciting things to do, so after my friends and I checked out a Newcummers, I said I was gonna pose and be an international sex bunny,” said Tiffany

Hands On Learning

Every American high school student you ask will tell you that sex ed classes suck because they are so boring. So, what better way to teach a teenage girl, Jayden (19) about the birds and the bees than by having a hands-on (and lips-on, dick-in and pussy-on) session with a seasoned fuckmistress like Gia (42) and a horny stud.

Lovely In Lace

“For my birthday, I’d like to go see my grandparents in Cancun, Mexico, so I needed to find some extra money because my pay sucks. I decided that I’d pose to earn the extra cash.”

Easy Rosie

This divorced GILF is 5’8″, weighs 145 pounds and wears size 42DDD bras. No shit! After 20 years of marriage and fidelity, she and her husband divorced amicably because, as Rose Marie put it, “I wasn’t getting enough sex, and there are so many guys out there to fuck!” So now, “Easy Rosie” prowls Phoenix bars looking to get laid.

Fun In The Sun

“I’m stuck in an office five, sometimes six, days a week, so I love to get outdoors on weekends,” said Juliet. “And I like to get naked in the sun. So, naturally, my boyfriend likes to be around when I do.”