Wet And Wild

“I was watering some plants that looked just about dead outside my boyfriend’s place while he was watching some stupid basketball game. He came looking for me and said I looked cute, so he went and got his camera…and things got wicked from then on,” said Elle.

A Much Needed Vacation

“My boyfriend and I vacationed at a beach hotel near Orlando, in Florida,” said Gigi. “All we did was swim, sunbathe, eat too much, drink big cocktails with umbrellas and fruit in them, and have sex every chance we could.”

Spoiled Rotten

“I love flirting with guys and teasing ’em and flashing my titties for ’em and stuff, so getting to strip naked and be a bad girl in a magazine was real appealing,” said Sonny

Sex In The Sun

“There’s a park not far from my apartment, and I’ve found a hideaway spot there to hang out in,” said Leah. “There’s only one path to get to it, so I can see people coming, way before they see me clearly.”

Everyone’s A Winner

So, guys, here’s a tale that could easily qualify to be made into an episode for one of those reality TV shows that are flooding the cable channels these days. Victoria (22) was dating a guy, let’s call him Dick Two, who dumped her because, he said he “needed his space,”. Then Dick Two started chasing Joe’s girlfriend-let’s call her Cunt Two- until she gave in and fucked him one night, presumably decided that she liked it, and dumped Joe the next morning. Victoria met Joe through a mutual friend, and bang!

Revved And Ready To Go

“I work for a Harley dealer. I don’t own a bike but my boyfriend does. In fact, he’s got three: well, he does own the dealership! He wasn’t too keen on me posing, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it didn’t take me too much to convince him to go along with it.”