Marley Mason

“I work out with my ball every single day,” said Marley, “so it was the obvious thing to use when I decided to pose. The ball gives me a great workout, and, as my boyfriend will tell you, we have sex in some really wild positions when we use it for that.”

Michelle Peters

“Once I realized that I was never going to get decent boobs, I started thinking about tattoos,” said Michelle. “I got my first one when I was 16, but it didn’t make a statement. I hit a lot of websites and finally decided to get the pussy tattoo.”


“It’s just coincidence-I swear-that the guy I’m screwing- he took these photos-owns the company that just gave me my biggest office furniture order ever. We didn’t start fooling around till after the order was placed. Oh…by the way…he’s married!”

Raven Lynn

This sexy student is 5’6″, weighs 127 pounds and wears 34A bras. “I hardly ever wear a bra,” Raven said. “I’d rather go out with my nips poking out because that gets guys’ attention, and I’m into that.

Nikki Tigre

“My boyfriend was horrified when I got the jewelry in my navel,” said Nikki. “He carried on like an old fart. I didn’t tell him about posing ’cause lord knows what he might have done.”

Jean Chevelle

“I’ve been naked in front of strangers plenty of times,” said Jean. “See, I was a stripper for a while when I was in college. I wasn’t smart enough to get any grants, so I had to get student loans, and the money I made from stripping was a huge help.”

Shirley Dimples

“I really get off when guys start checking me out, so I always dress and act real sexy,” said Shirley. “My boyfriend doesn’t always like that, but it’s how I am and he knows better than to say anything to me. If I get to talking-flirting-with guys, I tell them that good things come in small packages…and I’m really good, baby!”


“Posing was therapeutic for me,” said Catilina. “I just broke up with a guy after two years together because our relationship was stale. We were basically bored with each other, and the sex was lousy. It was me who dumped him, but I still felt bad about it and wondered if I’d lost my edge…my sexiness.”