Asian Sensation

“I was born in Thailand, but my family has lived in Kansas since I was a baby,” said Julie. “My folks were horrified when I got my tattoos; I don’t know what they’ll do if they find out about me masturbating online.”

Mimi Lee

“I’m really quiet and passive. I have to be coaxed to have sex and then I need lots of foreplay before I’ll let my guy do me,” said Mimi. “So, he was real surprised when I announced that I wanted to pose.”


Gentlemen, this is a big event…a very big event. Minka, the world’s biggest-busted Asian and one of the greatest SCORE models of all time, makes her debut.

Surprise! You’re Stacked!

Sexy Kiko Lee was an army brat, born in Okinawa. She is part Spanish. She lived in different countries in Europe and the U.S. until she eventually settled in Denver. Kiko’s been a topless dancer…hired as soon as the owner saw her bare chest…