Raquel’s Rewards

“I operate my own rewards program,” said Raquel. “If a guy goes down on me, knows what he’s doing and gets me off, then I’ll blow him–and swallow his load. If he fucks me good the first time and I cum more than once, like I expect to, before he cums, then he’ll get to go for a repeat performance a bit later.”

Wet Tees, Please

When you’ve got a girl with a chest like Haydee, a camera and nice Florida weather, there’s only one thing to do and it’s not taking pictures of alligators. No, a man’s got to stuff her in a tight T-shirt, go out and soak her chest with a garden hose. Then start snapping that shutter.

Fun In The Sun

“I’m stuck in an office five, sometimes six, days a week, so I love to get outdoors on weekends,” said Juliet. “And I like to get naked in the sun. So, naturally, my boyfriend likes to be around when I do.”