Wet And Wild

“I was watering some plants that looked just about dead outside my boyfriend’s place while he was watching some stupid basketball game. He came looking for me and said I looked cute, so he went and got his camera…and things got wicked from then on,” said Elle.

A Much Needed Vacation

“My boyfriend and I vacationed at a beach hotel near Orlando, in Florida,” said Gigi. “All we did was swim, sunbathe, eat too much, drink big cocktails with umbrellas and fruit in them, and have sex every chance we could.”


Mz. Booty… your gigantic ass has left us speechless. We don’t know whether to drool, cry tears of joy or reach out and cop a feel of your giant ass. It’s just so…big. It’s bigger than big!

Boats and Boobs

No one loves the water more than Christy. She loves to frolic in the sea, and while we were in Eleuthera in the Bahamas her love of the water drew her to this dock where she charmed her way onto a local’s boat

Busty Riding Academy

Christy and Terry are strolling the grounds of the Busty Riding Academy, stretching their matching horse-riding outfits and checking out the stables. They pair off in the hay and things are about to get hot and heavy when the stable hand spots them and invites himself to their party, offering his prick to share.

Sex In The Sun

“There’s a park not far from my apartment, and I’ve found a hideaway spot there to hang out in,” said Leah. “There’s only one path to get to it, so I can see people coming, way before they see me clearly.”