Nikki Tigre

“My boyfriend was horrified when I got the jewelry in my navel,” said Nikki. “He carried on like an old fart. I didn’t tell him about posing ’cause lord knows what he might have done.”

Jean Chevelle

“I’ve been naked in front of strangers plenty of times,” said Jean. “See, I was a stripper for a while when I was in college. I wasn’t smart enough to get any grants, so I had to get student loans, and the money I made from stripping was a huge help.”

Florida Girl

Since Kali is a fresh Florida babe out of the Fort Lauderdale area, it’s only fitting that she play in a swimming pool on a perfectly sunny day in the Orange Juice state.


“Posing was therapeutic for me,” said Catilina. “I just broke up with a guy after two years together because our relationship was stale. We were basically bored with each other, and the sex was lousy. It was me who dumped him, but I still felt bad about it and wondered if I’d lost my edge…my sexiness.”

Slippery When Wet

Is there anything better than spending a lazy day in the hot tub, just soaking all your worries away while on vacation? How about getting some afternoon delight with chesty Christy in a hot tub while on vacation? Yeah…that sounds much better to us, too.