Raven Lynn

This sexy student is 5’6″, weighs 127 pounds and wears 34A bras. “I hardly ever wear a bra,” Raven said. “I’d rather go out with my nips poking out because that gets guys’ attention, and I’m into that.

The Bigger, The Better!

Everything about Chloe is small, except for her appetite for sex. The only thing is, she hasn’t had it yet. “I can’t wait for the day I get laid. Until then I’m just gonna keep stuffing myself with this huge dildo I have,” she says.

Quick Dick

“If it were up to me, I’d fuck for hours. But since I have an early curfew I have to rush and it’s so annoying! Like last night… I had to be home by 10, so I ended up doing a quickie in this guy’s car. But even for a quickie, it was pretty good.”

Shirley Dimples

“I really get off when guys start checking me out, so I always dress and act real sexy,” said Shirley. “My boyfriend doesn’t always like that, but it’s how I am and he knows better than to say anything to me. If I get to talking-flirting-with guys, I tell them that good things come in small packages…and I’m really good, baby!”

Suck Me Down There

“Okay, so I’m a virgin. But I’ve been eaten out a lot, and I really like that. When the guy sucks on my clit and then sticks his finger inside…oh, man!”

Deep Dicking

“I can take a dick deep down my throat and deep into my pussy. Sometimes it goes so deep that I think the cock is going to go in one end and come out the other! But when it’s all up inside me like that it hits my sweet spot really good. Some of my friends even asked me to show them how to deep throat but I didn’t know what to tell them. It just came naturally to me. Maybe it’s because I really love to do it.”

Face Down, Ass Up

“What can I say? I like to take my clothes off and I like to fuck. I’m very open and free-spirited so it doesn’t bother me if people see me naked. To me, pants are like little prisons for my legs and coochie. This pussy has got to be out in the open.”